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The Vineyard

Building for the future

We are bringing wine production back on site at Los Pandos. This will be achieved by constructing a state of the art bodega overlooking the vineyard.

Once complete, the information garnered by the University Complutense's (Madrid) in-depth study, along with all other necessary reports, will be used to create a "performance map". This will enable us to build the bodega (winery) on a scientific foundation thus ensuring the fermentation machinery, storage tanks and bottling facilities are perfectly suited to the varieties of grape that will be grown.

300,000 bottles a year capacity

The building work for the experimental bodega has started. Once the experimental and main bodegas are both fully operational, we anticipate production to reach 300,000 bottles per annum.

Investing in the very best

The bodega will be fitted with state of the art fermentation machinery, storage tanks and bottling facilities. Wine will mature on site and will be stored under strict supervision.

Due to our business falling under the Castilla la Mancha regional government's agri-food grant scheme, once the bodega is complete and operational, Los Pandos will receive up to 50% of the build-cost reimbursed in the form of a grant.

A guaranteed route to market

We have agreed, in principle, terms of employment with a Commercial Director upon commencement of the production. This Commercial Director has vast experience in the distribution and sale of wine and currently exports more than 5 million bottles a year to the US, European and Far East markets.