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The History of Los Pandos

Los Pandos boasts a rich history with records in the local land registry defining it as "heredamiento" Los Pandos - indicating the property's Medieval origins. The term is still in use today. The cortijo, built in 1674 has been mentioned in many historical documents and the estate's development was charted by local authorities. By the end of the XVII Century, Los Pandos had grown to incorporate 140 hectares, still small compared to the 830 it occupies today. In 1753, the then owner, Sr. Francisco Sanchez Ulloa established a land organisation called "mayorazgo". This classification means the land can never be decreased but can increase at any time. For the last 200 years, the ownership of the land has been linked to the same family generation after generation.

The beginning of the XVIII Century saw Los Pandos thrown into the heart of one of the most decisive engagements of the War of the Spanish Succession - the Battle of Almansa. Despite the Portugese army seeking shelter in Los Pandos' cortijo, (immortalised in the painting by artists Filippo Pallotta and Ventura Lirio), they, and their allies the British, were defeated by the Franco-Spanish army.

Latterly, several venerable names in Spanish wine history have graced the courtyards of Los Pandos; José Rodriguez de Paterna who became the Mayor of Rioja's Logroño and Vicente Rodríguez Paterna who joined the Board of directors at the renowned French-Spanish Bodega of Rioja-Bordon.