About Us

Heredad Los Pandos is a specialist property development company involved in a broad spectrum of activities within the real estate and wine sector. Land acquisition, licensing, financing, due diligence, project management, sales and marketing and product distribution are some of the services offered.

With more than 20 years of combined real estate experience at the helm are Mike Clews and Eduardo Martín. Mike has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry having sat on the board of directors of one of Spain's largest volume selling agencies.

Eduardo Martín began his professional career as a qualified tax advisor and internal company auditor in Spain. The majority of his clients were builders and developers allowing Eduardo to become a specialist in all aspects of property law, planning procedures and financial institutions governing all aspects of property development.

Mike & Eduardo are joined at Heredad Los Pandos by Salvador Sastre, the company's Project Director. Salvador is a Doctorate Professor and began his professional career as an Architect specialising in town planning projects. For several years before joining the Heredad Los Pandos, Salvador has been the Project Director at several leading real estate projects. Salvador has won four architectural awards and boasts a portfolio of projects numbering more than 470.

Heredad Los Pandos employs staff in two offices located strategically on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol including, for the Los Pandos Vineyard, a specialist commercial director, oenologist and agronomist. The company has responded to the changing market and today offers unique products in areas that are still attractive to investors.

Having worked in the real estate arena for many years, moving into development and complimentary investments was a natural progression. Heredad Los Pandos is the result of this progression and will cement the company's place in the market as a reputable, knowledgeable and responsible development company with a realistic vision for sustainable development that provides a lucrative investment schedule.